Ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic is a high-quality cleaning procedure utilizing ultrasonic energy to deep scrub the parts and a liquid chemical to rinse away the residue and loose particles.

The ultrasonic method can penetrate and clean any surface that can be reached by a sound-conducting liquid.

This means that blind holes, thread roots, parts with complex geometry, minute surface contours, and several otherwise impossible cleaning tasks can be easily accomplished using ultrasonic cleaning technology.

BetterShips can perform Ultrasonic cleaning from valves to engine parts and components like cylinders, cylinder heads up to air charge coolers, heat exchangers, turbines, etc., from diverse materials such as steel, copper, aluminum, and more.

As an additional service, BetterShips makes use of a portable Tube-Guard-XL technology for internal mechanical pipes. A brush cleaning system is used with corrosion inhibitor and bio-film removal which is safe for all tubing materials.